How long do rabbits live

6 Secrets to Caring for Rabbits – How Long Do Rabbits Live?

How long do rabbits live, their life expectancy, and breed

How long do rabbits live?

Rabbits are cute fluffy animals, that are perfectly suitable for being a pet. This lovely creature can become your best friends if only you have enough knowledge of their needs. With the right care, rabbits can live a long life.

How long do rabbits live

So, how long do pet rabbits live? The answer to that question depends on so many different aspects and factors of a bunny’s life. How long do bunnies live at home will depend on his breed, living environment, food that he’s eating. In general, rabbits, that were getting nice care of all through their lives, live a much longer life than the ones, who didn’t get cared for. In wild nature, rabbits are not living a long life, but with the help and care of a human, and also a suitable environment, their lifetime is extending to its limits.

As we were talking about earlier, the lifespan of rabbits depends on their breed.

Let’s talk about some of the breeds of rabbits:

How long do rabbits live

Holland Lop rabbit, or Lop ear rabbits, live 8-12 years

Their ears are floppy and funny, they weigh just four pounds, but will bring you so much joy!


How long do rabbits live

Netherland Dwarf bunny, their life is 10-12 years

These bunnies are not that much friendly and need more time to get used to people around them. And so he’s not advisable for small kids.

How long do rabbits live

Flop ear rabbits, their lifespan is about 5-6 years

They got the longest ears of all. Also, this breed got the name “the dog of a bunny’s world”, because of their character.

How long do rabbits live

There are also many rare rabbit breeds, such as American blue rabbit, Swiss fox rabbit, Flemish Giant, Lionhead rabbit, Giant Angora rabbit, Belgian Hare rabbit, and many many more.



Your pet rabbits lifespan

The lifespan of your little friend will depend on how much care and affection you give to him. For instance, a bunny, that has lived indoors with good care, neutered or spayed, can live for eight to twelve years! Moreover, the answer to the question of how long do domestic rabbits live can be so surprising, they can reach their teenage years! What is more, the Guinness world record book talks of the oldest bunny documented, that was 16 years old!

How long do rabbits live

 There are other factors, that determine the lifespan of your rabbit, such as:

Size. The size of your bunny matters a lot when you want to know how long do bunnies live. Especially, smaller rabbits live much longer than bigger ones, so if your bunny is a dwarf- you can expect him to live the longest, among other rabbits.

Living conditions. How long do rabbits live in captivity? It’s very important how your rabbit is living his life. Indoors or outside? With love and care or unhappiness and stress? For example, rabbits, living outdoors, are more vulnerable to harsh weather conditions, bacterial infections, and even sicknesses that can be lethal for the bunny, but the rabbit, that stays indoors is prevented from all that.

Breed. There’s a known fact that mixed breed animals are likely stronger, smarter, healthier, and better in all cases. This is not an exclusion also. Mixed breed rabbits are living longer than the ones with the pure breed. So if you have a chance to get yourself a mixed breed bunny- do not hesitate, your little companion will stay with you longer.

Diet. The food you’re giving to your rabbit should be balanced. It should contain a lot of hay and grass, vegetables and leaves, pellets as well. Also fruits and pure water. Rabbit’s digestive system is complex, and that’s why you should watch carefully how you’re feeding your pet. Statistics say that most of the health problems of rabbits start because of the wrong food given to them.

Health. Rabbits can develop sickness or get parasites and if you don’t treat them quickly, that will affect the length of their life as well. You should wash your hands before and after coming to touch your pet, also clean his cage regularly, and of course to not forget to check the health of your rabbit frequently with the veterinarian. And one more thing about health is vaccinations at times, that will also help to keep the good health of a bunny.

Neutering or Spaying. This is also a very important part of the health of your pet rabbit. Unfortunately, they’re vulnerable to getting reproductive organ cancer (especially females, they have even a higher chance of getting it than males), which, obviously, will shorten the life of a bunny again. And also, this procedure helps rabbits to get along with each other, to make friends, which is also very important for the happy life of your little friend because socializing helps to maintain mental health in a good state.

You can have an impact on how long your rabbit lives

By considering the factors above you know how long do rabbits live and can help your rabbit to live longer. Especially if you choose a mixed breed to have, he will stay with you for many years. If you keep your rabbit indoors and give him good care, you can expect him to live 10 or even more years.


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