How long do rabbits live

How long do rabbits live at home as pets?


How long do rabbits live?

Rabbits are nice fluffy house pets that are easy to take care of if you know how and what to do for their good health and happiness. Just like all our small 4-legs friends, a long lifespan of a rabbit depends on its breed, way of eating, and living. Let’s look closer into that topic and find an answer to the question of how long do bunnies live and how can we help them to live longer.


How long do rabbits live


Life expectancy by breed

A little bit of a statistics: the oldest rabbit

ever lived was 16 years old!!

How long do rabbits live

And this is all whiles wild rabbit’s life is only 1-2 years. How long do domestic rabbits live, you’ll ask? As a pet, bunnies can live 8-12 years! Same as for dogs, bigger breeds live a shorter life. Dwarf bunny lifespan can be a minimum of 10 years! Netherland dwarf rabbit lifespan is 5 to 6 years, but if he gets neutered earlier, the lifespan of Netherland dwarf can last for 10 years also. To calculate how long do Lionhead rabbits live, we need to know that Lionhead rabbits are a bit smaller than Netherland ones, so can live more than 9 years in a proper environment.

Let’s talk about breeds of rabbits:

How long do rabbits live

In a world there are more than three hundred breeds of rabbits, the most common of them are Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, English Angora, and Netherland dwarf.


Other breeds of bunnies, that are long-lived ones, include the American rabbit,  Lionhead rabbit, and Harlequin rabbit. Actually, the size of your rabbit can’t tell you exactly how long your pet is going to live. A bigger bunny can live a  longer life than a petite one if provided the best conditions for a healthy rabbit’s life. So you shouldn’t choose a breed of a rabbit in accordance with how long he will live, and measuring it as a parameter of being the best. In fact, there’s no best kind of rabbit for a pet. Everyone’s taste is different, so out of the 300 breeds of rabbits everyone can find their one and the only, fluffy little( or not) bunny.


Now that we discussed different types of rabbits, let’s talk about rabbits as house pets’ pros and cons. First of all, rabbits are fluffy and soft to touch, they’re quiet, they don’t need much space, and not expensive to take care of. Also, you don’t need much time to spend on taking care of them, no need to train them like you would have done with a dog. Out of the minuses of keeping a rabbit as a pet, we can mention the possibility of having an allergy,  much cleaning, that you will need to perform daily and their weak nerve system, so need to be careful to maintain a healthy life of your pet.


Here is some advice on how to improve and prolong the life of your pet rabbit:

How can I extend my pet rabbit’s life expectancy?

– Food is the most important part of which depends on how long do rabbits live in captivity. You probably read on the internet that everything a rabbit need for a healthy life is pet pellets, which is wrong. Bunnies need various food, such as grass or hay to chew on, for their teeth to grind down, vegetables, and leaves to complete nutrients of the meal.  And only at the last position that a bunny needs pellets, very quality ones, for a bunny lifespan to be as long as possible.

How long do rabbits live

– Some rabbit’s sport should become a daily routine for your little friend. You don’t have to have a huge backyard to maintain the healthy life of your rabbit – just let him out freely around the house to run frequently, but don’t forget to always keep an eye on him! Make sure all the open wires, mold, papers and etc are not in his running zone. Rabbits chew everything, so all precious items should be kept out of his way.

How long do rabbits live

– It’s extremely important to keep the mental health of your rabbit in a good state. It won’t take you much to get him a new playground, chew toys, or, maybe even a companion! It will be very good if you can get a neutered male and spayed female of a similar age – you’ll have the best chances for their friendship. And this brings us to the next factor.

How long do rabbits live

– One of the ways to increase a dwarf rabbit lifespan is to go to the vet and get a procedure of neutering or spaying your rabbit. Unfortunately, rabbits can easily develop cancer of their reproductive system, so by doing the procedure you’ll definitely increase the lifespan of your pet. On top of that, that will make it easier for rabbits to get along.


– No need to say that stresses are not helping to prolong life. If there’s another pet or a small child, the rabbit may feel unwanted, especially if he sees anyone being rowdy with or around the rabbit.


If this has a place in your home, put the rabbit in another room, a little far from all that, and let him observe.

– Don’t forget to visit your veterinarian once a while, as the best way to prevent diseases is early diagnosis. When it’s like that, you and your vet will notice that there’s something wrong earlier, so can take a quick reaction and avoid disease.

How long do rabbits live

Now we know how long do rabbits live, we know that with the right care your rabbit’s life can be twice longer. Bunnies are social and playful, they need to explore, play, socialize, and only that way they can live a long happy life. Using our tips can help you to prepare for your little friend’s homecoming.




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