Rodents, like the Guinea Pigs are considered to be the best pet animal for homes with young kids. They are very cute and fluffy in appearance and easy to take care of in comparison to other pet animals. Unlike cats and dogs, the Guinea Pigs can be restricted to a particular spot, thereby making it easier for the owners to keep track of their Guinea Pigs.

You are also not required to take your pets for a walk in the park like you do with your dogs. But it is necessary that you store your Guinea Pigs in the Best Guinea Pig Cage which is spacious to enable your rodents to play and enjoy their activities and thrive inside the cage. So, if you are planning to Buy Guinea Pig in the coming future, then ensure to have the Best Guinea Pig Cage prior to buying one. Below is the buyer’s guide and the review of top rated cages for Guinea Pig.






Midwest Guinea Habitat is the ultimate cage for the small rodents, especially if you have one single Guinea Pig. This is the cage that is designed with 8 square feet of living space which is an ideal area that are recommended by popular breeders of Guinea Pig. The cage features the removable wire mesh top which you can remove when not required. It is durable enough to protect the rodents from predators and it ensures that the Guinea Pig you are having is safe and secure.

The mesh top comes with a multi-folding feature which gives you easy access to the cage. It has a divider panel that makes the cage really wonder unit and versatile. Each panel of the cage features the hinged ramps as well as doors which can separate the play area of the cage for the rodents.

The bottom of the cage features leak proof and removable PVC lined canvas and this helps you maintain the unit easily and protects the floors from the urine of the Guinea Pig.

It provides the required traction and also the protection to the sensitive feet of the Guinea Pig. The sidebars of the cage are 14 inches in height and it provides ultimate security and convenient access to the pigs. Because of its robust construction design it is suitable both for outdoor and indoor use and assembling of the cage for your Guinea Pig is also very easy and simple. It hardly takes a few minutes to assemble the cage and no tools or skills required for the assembling process.



  • Spacious and ample play area for the Guinea Pig
  • PVC lined bottom that makes easy for cleaning
  • Robust constructions for indoor and outdoor use





  • Lacking in caster wheels for easy transportation




If you are looking for the best surface to place your larger rodents, then Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is the ultimate choice for you. This is the free-standing cage that is designed with lockable caster and it offers easy setup for the first time parents of guinea pigs.

The professional look of the cage is what attracts the buyers and you will find ample space inside the cage which can help the pigs to carry with their playful nature. The cage is fuss-free and clean design model that is considered to be the best attractive choice for the new pet parents. If you are looking for the sturdy design in the cage for the larger rodents and give your rodents ample space for playing, then this is the cage to settle with.

The Midwest cages are known for their professional design and this cage features a wire bar with full width and leak-proof plastic pan at bottom. It also comprises a shelf that has its own flooring and a wire ramp.

This is the cage that is designed by keeping the needs of the small guinea pigs in mind. The cage is designed with full-length dual doors with swing open facility and this gives the owners full access to the pet and it has four lockable wheels for easy mobility and stability of the cage. In order to enhance the footprints, the cage comes with the shelf for storage at the bottom panel and the cage is equipped with leak-proof pan which makes it easier for cleaning the cage.



  • Adjustable shelf design
  • Highly professional in look
  • Facility for storage
  • Caster wheels that are lockable
  • Easy to clean





  • Lacking in other accessories like food dish and hideout options




Living World Deluxe Habitat is the highly accepted brand of cage in the market. This is the cage that is relatively priced higher and it comes with almost all the essential accessories and features that are required for optimal health of the guinea pigs. This cage for a guinea pig is designed by keeping the basic necessitates of the rodents and its professional design makes it safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

This is the hybrid cage that is designed with the upper wire frame that offers proper visibility, durability and ventilation. There is a plastic pan at the bottom to accumulate the urine and droppings of the pigs. The bottom pan is easy to remove for cleaning and it also protects the pig from drought. Overall, this cage provides a comfortable and safe place for playing and living.

This is the professional design cage that comes fitted with a curvy balcony with simple and easy ramp access. It also comes fitted with the tip-proof food dish that is fixed on the balcony floor of the cage.

This cage is available in a variety of sizes that range from small to extra large design. The cage also offers other accessories like water bottle holder fitted on the side walls of the cage. The extra large cage of this brand is considered ultimate choice for larger guinea pigs and you can purchase it if you are having more than one pig. Right at the bottom of the cage, there is a plastic pan that is fitted to the small hiding place for the pets.



  • Features additional hiding spaces
  • Comes with watering and feeding accessories
  • Comes in different sizes





  • Very expensive in prices




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If you are looking for the cage that experts use for ultimate caring of the guinea pigs, then consider buying this cage. This is the cage that is considered by most of the experts in the field and also by breeders. It is a suitable cage for at least 2 guinea pigs. Its simplistic design and professional look is what makes the cage really wonderful choice. It is effective, yet versatile design and it is expandable too, that gives easy access of the interior.

This cage is designed with robust materials that make it the perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor use and it gives the pigs ample space for their playfulness. The cage features 14 inches of wire grill mess for the walls and has a multi-access folding top that makes it easier for the owners to access the interior easily. You simply need to open and remove the roof in needed or you can even remove the two side doors. The doors of the cage also flip down so as to create dual ramps and this gives the pigs more space for playing.

The lightweight construction of the cage also makes it easy for mobility and transportation and setup of the cage is also very easy and simple. The cage comes with heavy duty canvas platform at the bottom, which is effective to absorb the liquids like urine. It has PVC lined so it can be used indoors without worrying about messes that are created. Because of fabric installed on the bottom the paws of the pigs would remain safe and harmless.



  • Fully expandable design and versatile
  • Provides sufficient space for playing
  • Washable and leak-proof bottom
  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed mainly for guinea pigs





  • Can’t be shared with other animals




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If you are looking for the best container or cage to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable, then AmazonBasics Pet Habitat is the choice for you. This is the cage that is very durable and versatile. It features a rectangular shaped enclosure with iron wire at the top and PP plastic bottom border and platform base. It has wireframe on top with ample bat space for proper ventilation and visibility.

This cage comes in different sizes and suitable for small to large guinea pigs. All the sizes of pigs can fit well in this cage and based on the size of the animals you need to make the selection. It also comes in jumbo size, which is suggested for ferrets. The cage comes with larger openings right on its top frame and the front cage ensures easy access inside the cage. The large sized doors of the cage ensure easy feeding, cleaning and also let you access the little ones.

From environmental enrichment to basic needs, this cage has it covered all and it includes a balcony for the additional dimension and for better viewing when the little ones look out. The cage also comes with hiding space beneath the platform which gives the pigs their own private place to rest. The balcony also comes with a ramp for easy accessing of the balcony floor. The cage also includes other accessories which include non drop water bottle and hay guard. These accessories are perfectly fixed to the outside of cage so as to avoid the crowding in the interior.



  • Ample space for playing
  • Open and ventilated cage
  • Quick to set up
  • Easy access inside
  • Available in different sizes





  • The bottom plastic is not superior in quality and may crack




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Regardless of the size and type of pet you have, you always want to ensure that you provide your pets with ample space for proper ventilation and enjoy playing. This is where Prevue Pest Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home excels. All types of small animals and large pets like Syrian hamsters can be stored in this cage.

This is the cage that features spacious area that is suitable for a variety of pets including small guinea pigs and even the Syrian hamsters. The cage features a tight wire frame with bar spacing of 3/8 inches that prevent the pets from escaping and the round corner of the cage has no pinch points and it is very lightweight to handle. The cage comes with a plastic ramp and a platform and both are removable for easy cleaning and convenience.

The cage comes with single front door and a roof door and each comes with the wire latch locking system. The doors are largely designed so as to give the owners with easy access to the interior. The cage is designed with easy snap-on and snap-off mesh that has 6 different holding clips to hold it firmly. The cage lacks in bowls for feeding and a water bottle holder. So, you are required to install them separately. Since the cage has undergone several lab testing, it ensures high safety for your sensitive small pigs.

The cage is designed with specialized materials which make the cage highly durable and it is easy to maintain because it comes with two large doors. This gives you with easy access to interior of the cage and the tight wire spacing ensures to protect the pets from predators.



  • Lightweight and easy handling
  • Dual large doors for easy accessing the interior
  • Tight wire spacing for highest protect





  • No accessories are included like a water bottle and food dish




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ToysOpoly is the number of premium brand in designing brilliant solutions for the issue of portability. With their Portable Playpen Puppy Kennel that has proved nothing is impossible. This is the portable cage that is deceptively large for any sized animals. The height of the playpen is 24 inches and the diameter is 45 inches and this indicates that the playpen is suitable for larger breed dogs as well. Apart from accommodating the larger breed of animals, it also provides ample space for the pets to play.

The playpen is very lightweight and this makes it easier for carry and mobility. It is designed masterly to ensure that you can designate a place for the playpen where you can store it and allow your pets to enjoy their activities inside it safely. A playpen can also be used for outdoor and you can carry it with you because of its foldable design.

The whole package of the playpen comes as a tent and zippered top and bottom. The package comprises of 4 stainless steel anchors to guarantee a robust construction. The complete design of the cage comes together with a heartbeat and this ensures that you don’t have to spend the entire weekend for labouring to assemble the cage. The walls of the cage come with a mesh material that provides ultimate ventilation and this keeps the pen from getting the stale like other kennels.



  • Easy for cleaning
  • Highly portable
  • Ultimate construction design





  • Comprises no accessories
  • Machine wash only




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8. FERPLAST KROLIK 140 PLUS RABBIT CAGE, 55.91 X 23.62 19.62 X 19.68 REVIEWS

Pets are a very significant part of our lives, and when it comes to rabbits, you can never take a single risk about their eating and living habits. To make sure that your beloved cute rabbits live a great luxurious life, Ferplast always brings the best quality classic products. The Ferplast Krolik 140 plus Rabbit Cage is a great contender within the huge collection, brands and varieties of rabbit cages.

The living space is not only quite large, but it is eventually diverse. Here, you get a feeding platform that contains private area underneath. The rabbit can even enjoy a complete comfort within added private hutch that also has a hinged roof for better accessibility. It is pretty huge and the walls are high so that your rabbit doesn’t feel confined within a small space. They get enough area to have fun, sleep, play, eat tirelessly and stay safe from any other complication.

As a pet owner, you might not just keep rabbits in the home. Thus to keep your rabbit away from other pets like dogs or cats, you can easily keep them within this home that has huge charm, great quality and provides you a great product in affordable range.



  • Has an added extension
  • Comes with diverse living area and has a huge side door
  • The floor is heavily designed with a plastic material. So, your bunny will never get the opportunity to run out of it.
  • The pan it has is around 6 inches deep
  • Contains added on a water bottle, hay feeder, food bowl, as well as an elevated food tray along with a ramp.





  • The pan here is pretty much shallow
  • You have to keep the cage bars much securely kept
  • It has a wooden addition, where smell can get absorbed
  • The door isn’t also very secure.




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Buy Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden House Chicken Coop to give your furry friends the much-needed space. It is like a cottage that is designed by keeping the needs of small pets in mind. This is the cage which is designed to give the pigs with sufficient space and room for exploring new world.

The cage comes with platform that is designed with PVC materials and the play area of the cage has rabbit safe powder coated wire mesh panel, which is bordered by the Cypress Fir Wood and this creates the best ventilated space for pets. It is also easy to clean and maintain and proper air circulation is guaranteed. Cleaning is also easy and visibility is guaranteed with this cage for guinea pigs.

The cage also comprises a second floor which acts as the nesting box for the pets and it has ample space that is insulated for resting space for pets. It also gives the pets with the feeling of security and privacy. This is the platform which gives shelter to the pets along with privacy.

The cage is designed to weatherproof asphalt roof, which ensures that it can be used both indoor and outdoor. The cage offers you with easy access to the interior with the large doors and maintaining the hutch is also easy using the 3 built-in easy access doors. The cage also comprises of removable drop pan sliding floors designed with metal and this reduces the headaches of cleaning the hutch. The cage also has ladder ramp that connects the base with the upper-level platform.



  • Non-toxic paint finish
  • Spacious cottage style design
  • Built-in 3 large doors with safeguard locks
  • 3 built-in easy to maintain a sliding metal drop pan floors for easy and faster cleaning





  • Quite heavy and large in size




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The very first consideration is the cage size for the Guinea Pig. The perfect cage size for average sized Guinea Pigs is 7.5 square feet which can accommodate around 1-2 Guinea Pigs easily. The cage must also have extra 1.6 square feet of running space within the cage. The running space needs be to square or rectangular and must have ramps or other platforms that are interconnected.

Having average sized cage is always best and the Best Guinea Pig Cage always comes with several ramps and platforms to give your rodents sufficient space to continue with their playfulness and minimize the ammonia creation which is important for the health of the Guinea Pig. The size of the cage also depends on How Many Babies Do Guinea Pigs Have and the average size of the Guinea Pig that you have.


The second most important factor to consider while buying Best Guinea Pig Cage is the safety features of the cage. There are different types of cages available. Some are small and can’t accommodate the furry rodents, while some are bigger with a sturdy design that can fit the pigs as well as the rabbits. Some of the designs are flat plain with open spaces, while others are fitted with platforms and ramps that simply reduce the space for playfulness.

The Best Guinea Pig Cage always has a solid surface at its base with no wire grates. However, the floors of the cage must have wire design which can allow the droppings to pass through easily. This also keeps the house of your rodents safe and clean. But this again creates havoc when playing because there is a greater likeness to get serious damage on their feet if they step on the wire base.

Placing their feet on the wire continuously can cause bumble-foot, which is a painful condition. So, to prevent such conditions, you must ensure buying the Guinea Pig cage that has a flat bottom.


The Best Guinea Pig Cage last for a lifetime and to enhance the lifespan of the cage, it is necessary to choose the cage that is made out of the sturdy plastic base pan and the steel top. The bottom of the cage must be easy to clean without having the likeliness to get damaged or cracking. It must comprise of manuals comprising the steps on How to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage. The PVC or powdered coated steel tops are always easy to clean and they are durable too. Moreover, the cage that you are intending to buy must be easy to access.

The cage must have double doors and several platforms. Each platform needs to have separate doors so that you can clean and access the individual platforms.

The doors of the cage need to be large enough so that you can easily access the interior for watering, feeding, cleaning and remove the pets for cleaning the cage. If you are buying a larger cage for outdoor purpose, then ensure to check for the lockable doors. It must have additional openings, but ensure it doesn’t facilitate escape.


Another important factor to consider when buying the Best Guinea Pig Cage is the bar spacing. You are required to ensure that the bar spacing of the cage is not more than 1 inch with vertical and horizontal bars.

This is important if you are having Guinea Pig that is less than 2-3 months old as they may squeeze the space and escape. For small size Guinea Pig, you must ensure buying the cage that has a deep bottom pan so that the rodents can’t climb up for escaping. You may also choose the cage that has half inch of space between the wires or bars.

The process of choosing the Best Guinea Pig Cage must not be complicated and challenging for you. You need to consider few essential points like the age and number of Guinea Pig you have and the budget that you have decided for investing in the cage. Always remember to check the durability, safety features and accessibility to the cage when buying a cage for Guinea Pig.

The process of cleaning the interior needs to be hassle-free and you need to know What Do Guinea Pigs Need and based on this factor you must make the purchasing decision.

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