Guinea Pig Cage Ideas

Guinea pigs are the most adorable creatures of all the animals that we can pet. They are small, furry, and cute. For generations, mankind has been petting this fauna in their homes, and some used them for experiments as their nuclear combinations matched very well with human beings. Any medicine or scientific experiments were carried out on them as they bore the maximum similarity among other animals. But the animal council PETA successfully stopped the human torture as the experiments led to a decline in their population and pushed them towards the edge of extinction. However, people are still allowed to pet them, but petting them is not an easy task as it seems to be. “As compared to their size, their needs are humongous, and every owner must comply with their needs to keep them safe and alive“. One such parameter is their abode. The article surfaces on various guinea pig cage ideas which we will be discussing further.

The guinea pig cage

Choosing a right guinea pig cage is often associated with the question that how big should a guinea pig be. It is a deep concern for the owners as the guinea pigs are tiny, but you should always make them feel like they in their natural habitat for better longevity and health.

According to the humane society of the United States, it is advisable that the minimum dimensions of a guinea pig cage should be of 7.5 square feet.

The more space in the cage, the better for your pet. Guinea pigs require a great space for the roaming and nesting. Moreover, they also prefer to have a separate bathroom space. They also use the vertical space for climbing and digging. So, the idea cage size comes to around 30”x36”.

The good guinea pig cages are considered to have an ambient temperature of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, a balanced activity space where they are near to family, and noise-free zones. One needs to take care of all these factors to make perfect bedding for the guinea pigs. However, no pet likes to be caged for long. So, it is wise to take them outdoors and allow them to roam freely for once in a while. But a careful vigilance is required as they are so tiny to avoid any accidents.

Cost of a guinea pig cage

Now, the design and the amenities of a guinea pig cage might startle you and leave you wondering what it is a costly affair. Considering the space for them to climb or dig a furrow and provide certain model houses for them, the cost might seem to go high. So, how much does a guinea pig cage cost in the realm? On the basis of your requirement, there are several guinea pig cage ideas available on the internet as well as the market. Buying a well-furnished cage might be a costly affair. But there are many cheap guinea pigs cages also available that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and also provide a sustainable habitat for your guinea pigs.

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