How To Clean A Guinea Pig Cage?

Guinea pigs are short-tailed, bumpy-haired South American rodents and are known for living in harmony with humans. They are comparatively healthy animals (as other tends to get affected by diseases), and needs subsistence food in the form of hay, water, vegetables, and supplements of vitamins C. They are famous among humans because of their unique, agreeable, and congenial personality. But, just like other animals, they also need well maintained hygienic environment to live, and that’s why to guide you on that path of how to clean a guinea pig cage this article has been written.

 How to clean a guinea pig cage:

Hope you have used good guinea pig cages to keep them, as you need spacious, easy to open/close cage.

  • Take them out from the cage- First of all, you need to take them out gently (why gently? As may be your guinea pig is prone to nervousness, and because of this they may jump and injured themselves).
  • Place them on grass or in a suitable place- After taking out, you need to place them in a grass or a place where there is less noise (they simply don’t like louder noise), and somebody can keep a watch over them.
  •  Brush and clean them- Before cleaning their apartment (cage), clean and crush their hairs.
  •  Clean the smudge in a cage- Now clean the cage by removing smudges of excess food and waste by using a wet paper towel. If the cage has not been cleaned for many days you can use a mild detergent to clean it (however, it is only recommended in case of deep stains and messes)
  •  Rinse the cage- After going through an above process, thoroughly rinse off the whole surface with hot water. In this way, the disinfectant can be cleaned.
  •  Dry the cage- After rinsing off with hot water, dry the case with a paper towel (you can also allow it to dry if you have time). This process is a vital one as if you left the wet surface and place guinea pig in that; there may be a possibility of getting affected by mould problems.
  •  Refill their bowl- Refill the bowl by their food and water but before doing that clean them properly. Apart from this, also place fresh hay and nuggets.
  •  Clean the floor- Now you need to clean the floor where the cage is kept as their surrounding should be clean to maintain proper hygiene. After this, you can empty the dirt in the dustbin.
  •  You can repeat this process weekly depending on the dirt your guinea pig gather.

Few generally asked question:

People who are a novice in this field asked many questions about guinea pig some of them are listed here.

  • How long can guinea pigs live? – Their life expectancy range from 4 to 8 years.
  • How much does a guinea pig cage cost? – Usually from $10 to $40.

Hope after reading this article you have learned the way of how to clean a guinea pig cage.

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